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Team Bonding


Team bonding is all about having fun together and strengthening interpersonal relationships. The primary objective is fun, with little to no emphasis on skill development.


The HT Rally

A High Tech twist to the classic scavenger hunt

The High Tech Rally is a fast-paced scavenger hunt through the streets and sites of major cities where teams must find clues, answer questions and complete team challenges to earn the most points possible in a race against the clock and the competition!

Using 4G enabled iPads, teams use our proprietary MapApp online game to get to special points of interest to answer questions or complete team challenges.

This exciting twist on the classic scavenger hunt allows participants to see exactly how they (and their competition) are doing throughout the race through a real-time scoreboard. It can even be offered in multiple cities at once!



A battle to save the world 

Terra is a strategic team-building activity inspired by the game Risk® where participants battle one another in fun and immersive games in order to save territories from local environmental issues in a quest to save the world.  Like Risk®, Terra is surprisingly simple and fun.

This program is ideal for companies looking for a competitive game that promotes effective decision-making, team bonding, strategic thinking, and continuous improvement, without the ugliness of war.



Don’t just break the ice. Crush it!

We’ve upgraded our traditional iBingo game to make it even more interactive, collaborative and fun.

In this ice-breaker activity, participants try to associate fun facts with the different members of their group.  With zero preparation required, U-Turn can be offered anywhere, at any time, to add a little excitement to your corporate event, meeting, or social gathering

3 easy steps: 1. Scan a QR Code. 2. Create a profile with a fun fact and a selfie 3. Start your investigation with the electronic game card!

Each time a participant correctly identifies someone’s fun fact, their picture appears on their card. It’s like the classic game of bingo… on steroids!


The Pub Quiz

A remote way to bond with your team

The Interactive Pub Quiz is our first ever Online Team Building activity. It allows team members that are working remotely to play together while answering trivia questions about various topics and locations around the world.


Teams must answer questions spanning every continent and multiple subject matters* to earn the most points possible. Using remote teleconferencing software, team members get to share a world map, answer questions together and share a fun bonding experiencing.

*Questions can be adapted to any subject matter.

UTURN Ice Breaker activity

UTURN Ice Breaker activity

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