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Don’t just break the ice…crush it!



We’ve upgraded our traditional iBingo game to make it even more interactive, collaborative and fun.

In this friendly competition, participants try to associate fun facts with the different members of their group.  With zero preparation required, U-Turn can be offered as an ice-breaker anywhere, at any time, to add a little excitement to your corporate event, meeting, or virtual gathering.

We created U-Turn because we believe it is easier to break bread* with someone once you’ve broken the ice! How well do you know the members of your team? How well do they know you? Give us a call and let’s find out!

The eMazing Race has already thrilled over 20,000!

eMazing RACE


Inspired by the Amazing Race, this online team-building activity requires real teamwork. There are no passengers on this trip!

Using our proprietary online game and remote video-conferencing software, teams must visit the World's most popular destinations through Google Maps, 360-degree videos and more.


Solving complex, and not-so-complex clues, teams move from destination-to-destination in a race against the clock and the competition.

This fun and exciting game puts into practice all the elements of effective remote teamwork such as sharing screens, division of tasks, coming to a consensus and dealing with frustration and roadblocks.

Sure to raise the blood pressure and stress levels of participants, this fast-paced and emotionally engaging activity leaves everyone invigorated, win or lose.

A Remote Way to Bond with your Team

The Pub Quiz


The Interactive Pub Quiz is the perfect activity if you want the do an online event where people can reconnect, share a lot of laughs and participate in some light-hearted competition.

Teams of 4-8 join private break-out rooms to answer original trivia questions about various topics and locations around the world.

Using remote video-conferencing software and our proprietary online game, team members get to share a world map, see an interactive scoreboard and receive instant feedback; all while sharing a fun bonding experiencing.


The Pub Quiz is a low-stress, laugh-filled program that's a  guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

*Customized and personalized questions also possible.

The whole is still greater than the sum of its parts



The Bandit is a team-building experience that immerses participants in a mysterious scenario where they have to figure out what exactly is going on. With very little context provided, the group will have to identify their objectives and create a process by which they will be able to effectively share information, test possible solutions, and reach a consensus. 

Offered both via video conferencing software or in-person, to achieve this challenge, full engagement and commitment by every participant are crucial.

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