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Beyond Team Building offers five types of team-building programs:


Helps teams explore and practice the core competencies required to be an effective team (a.k.a. SeriousFun).

Cost ranges from $50-$185 per person (group size a factor)


Team-building activities are not recommended for groups looking for some time to just relax and have some fun. See team-bonding.


Social GIvebacks

Whether for an Employee Day, a Christmas Party or an Off-site event, social giveback programs make for great team-building activities. Employees have fun while getting to know one another better and feel great about helping out less fortunate members of the community.

We can work with your charity or recommend some that we like to work with.


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Virtual or HYBRID Programs

The pandemic changed the way we work. With distributed teams, remote-work and hybrid working environments, we've adapted to provide events that can be offered via your preferred video-conferencing tools.  Working from home can make it difficult to feel part of a team, making these programs more important than ever before.



For teams looking to do something lighthearted and fun with the intention of re-igniting desire and commitment to work together (a.k.a. PureFun).


Cost ranges from $25-$75 per person.


Team bonding activities are not appropriate for teams who need to improve communication, accountability, alignment, trust, engagement, or any of the essential elements required for effective teamwork. See Team-Building.


Team Development  

Team Development activities are on-boarding, training, and continuous improvement initiatives, often spearheaded by the Human Resources departments. 

Through team development, employees become aware of the organization's needs, its mission, vision and values, and their roles and responsibilities. 


Team Building vs Team Bonding


Here is an article we wrote explaining the difference between Team Building vs. Team Bonding.

"As you consider your options to help you meet a new year’s resolution to get your team to “work better together”, you are going to be bombarded with many possibilities. BEFORE starting your inquiries, you should decide on what type of experience is best suited for your team. " [More]

More advice from Marc Merulla, Founder and Lead Facilitator at Beyond Team Building:


  1. If attendance is optional, stick to an event that will be fun, entertaining, and engaging. Any team-bonding activity that brings people together to do something will work. These programs have less impact on long-term behaviour, productivity, or loyalty.

  2. If attendance is mandatory, ensure the activity is purposeful and plan it with intent. Invest the time and money required to attain maximum impact. A properly designed and delivered team-building activity will provide participants with actionable insights that, if followed through on, will lead to beneficial and sustainable changes back at work.

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