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Team Building


Team building activities are designed to teach your team new skills and can in some cases, receive training and development credits. We call this Serious Fun!


The Panda Tower

Put the ability in Sustainability

The Panda Tower is an exclusive team building program, first designed for the Canadian Olympic Committee,  which focuses on the need to plan towards both short and long term goals. We guarantee you have never done a team building program like this before!

For this activity, teams are given materials to construct water towers that must eventually fill containers to a specific level.

Minimizing waste while maximizing resources are the keys to this challenge that uses 100% reusable or biodegradable materials.

The program was done by athletes preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Games


What Makes a Team Work?

Discover the elements of high performing teams

“What Makes a Team Work?” is our most popular and impactful program. It enables participants to explore and understand the criteria required for successful teams through a series of meaningful and engaging experiential learning challenges.

The seminar is adapted to reflect the needs, workplace and operational realities of your organization. It is presented in a style that makes it interesting to a wide array of personalities and learning styles. In addition to being educational, the seminar includes a surprising level of interaction and a high fun-factor that promotes learning and the long-term retention.


The Ramp

Don't drop the ball 

Given limited time and resources and a clear mandate to follow, teams must organize themselves efficiently to build a ramp made entirely of straws, capable of transporting a ball a minimum of five meters by the pull of gravity alone. The catch is that the ramp is made up of multiple sections built by teams who have very limited communication during the construction phase.


Participants must embrace and apply key elements of effective teams or they will fail.

The program was done by athletes preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Games


The Extraordinary Puzzle Challenge

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

The Puzzle Challenge engages participants in a fun and dynamic program designed to reinforce the value of having a clear vision and set procedures within an organization. 


Unlike most team building events, this is not a competition because the final objective can only be achieved if every single team has completed its part. If one team fails… the entire group will fail. 


Collaboration, communication, commitment, and strategic alignment will be instrumental components in achieving extraordinary results.

The program was done by athletes preparing for the 2020 Tokyo Games


The Spaghetti Challenge

The right footings to build your team!

Our special twist on this popular design challenge will engage your team in a fine balancing act of managing predictable human behaviours as they deal with the effects of egos, doubt, and frustration to deliver a product within a very tight timeline. 

In addition to testing assumptions about actual goals and ensuring that they have the skills, resources and capabilities to deliver the final product on time, participants will ask themselves such questions as “Are we setting each other up for success?”, “How can we better transfer knowledge to others?”, “Why are we so quick to assume the worst?”, and “Who is managing the process?” 

Managing moments of frustration, doubt and conflict is essential to achieving long-term benefits in terms of team performance. 

The program was done by athletes preparing for the 2024 Paris Games

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