The International Pub Quiz

A Remote Way to Bond with your Team

The International Pub Quiz Pub Quiz is our first ever Online Team Building activity. It allows team members working remotely to play together while answering trivia questions about various topics and locations around the world.


Teams must answer questions spanning every continent and multiple subject matters* to earn the most points possible. Using remote tele-conferencing software, team members get to share a world map, answer questions together and share a fun bonding experiencing.

*Questions can be adapted to any subject matter.

The eMazing Race 

Travel the world solving riddles and clues as a team.

We've created an online version of the Amazing Race where you visit the World's most popular destinations through Google Maps, 360 degree videos and more. Solve clues to move to your next destination in a race against the clock and the competition.

This fun and exciting game puts into practice all the elements of effective remote team work such as sharing screens, division of tasks, coming to a consensus and dealing with frustration and roadblocks.

What Makes a (Remote) Team Work?

Online version of our most popular program

Pre Covid-19, What Makes a Team Work?” was our most popular and impactful program. It enables participants to explore and understand the criteria required for successful teams through a series of meaningful and engaging experiential learning challenges.

Now with expert videoconferencing support, we bring this program to virtually anybody, anywhere.

The seminar is adapted to reflect the needs, workplace and operational realities of your organization. 

World Café: Distributed Teams Edition

Harness the experience and knowledge of your team

The World Café is an ideal team building experience for identifying new sales objectives, creating a new corporate culture, designing a new service or product, or any other initiative that could only work by harnessing the experience and knowledge of each member of your team.


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